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Serving Frederick

The church needs to step into meeting felt need, building relationships, and stepping

into the darkness to offer Jesus as the solution to all the brokenness in our community.

Imagine South street coming to life with flowers from Jefferson to Market street…

Imagine folks coming to laundromats all over town and having someone pay for their

laundry and then taking the time to hear their stories… to enter into their stories…

Imagine inviting the Waverley & Lincoln elementary community to an extravagant food

distribution… FREE FOOD! We who live in God’s Kingdom live in the land of plenty!

They’ll come and we’ll meet their felt need and while doing that we will learn a little of

their story and they will know that God knows their story and their name… Imagine the

handicapped having their groceries loaded into their cars or the back seat of their cabs…

What if single moms could bring their cars… many of them on their last legs… to Second

Chances garage for a free oil change… WE SEE YOU! … We know it’s hard! … can we

love you with no strings attached just for a minute?

Taking it to the streets!

What if the foster care community had long-delayed home projects done for them, to

encourage them to continue making a difference with kids in crisis… what if we helped

special needs families get some things fixed around the house… WHY?

Because we’ve been so radically loved by God that we can’t help ourselves.

God is calling us into the streets … Serving Frederick 2019 is happening June 29 th from

10AM until 3PM. Bring your sons, daughters, and wives. Let’ go on a grand adventure as

a family… together… put the phone down, turn off the video game… and serve

somebody… it feels awesome!

Already almost a hundred volunteers from area churches have already registered… and

there is room for a couple hundred more.

To register go to click here

Later Event: July 1
Mid-Atlantic District Family Camp