Youth Ministry

Welcome to S.W.A.N.K.

The S.W.A.N.K. (Super Wonderful Awesome Nazarene Kids) Youth Ministry seeks to serve middle school and high school students (6th-12th grades) and their families as they travel the road from child to adult. Our goal is to encourage students to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship throughout their teenage years while having a ton of fun in the process. We encourage you to check out our upcoming events and/or weekly programs and see what S.W.A.N.K. is all about.

Wednesday Night Youth Group

Wednesday Night Youth Group runs through the school year as an opportunity to get away in the middle of the week and get back to God. The day to day of living a Christian life often gets draining for a teenager. We understand that and try to offer an opportunity for teens to center back on God in the middle of the week. Youth Group is full of games, discussion, and a short Bible teaching. Youth Group runs on Wednesday nights from Labor Day through Memorial Day. 

Sunday School

Sunday School is at the heart of S.W.A.N.K.'s goal of helping students develop strong relationships with Jesus. Sunday School offers students an opportunity to share their likes, dislikes, struggles, and victories in an open and non-judgmental environment. Our leaders strive to use Sunday School as an opportunity to relate Jesus to the everyday life of our students by getting to know who they are and what they like. Sunday School happens year round from 9:00-10:10am on Sunday mornings. 

Upcoming Events

  • Friday: We will be having Friday Night Hangout this week at the Arrington's! (This is my last Friday night hangout for the summer.) It's going to be a great time and we are super grateful for the Arrington's being willing to open up their home to us so soon after they are getting back from Jamaica! It's going to be a great night! 
  • Sunday: We will not be having Sunday school this week so enjoy some extra time to sleep before we meet for our church service! (Also I am preaching this Sunday so hopefully that will go well.) 
  • Monday: This is it. The final attempt at making Hershey park happen. All of the plans are remaining the same except for the date. Be ready or some great roller coasters and even greater chocolate.